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Seven Reasons Why You Should Hire Intrapreneurs

Until about a year ago, I did not know what an intrapreneur was. But I did know that throughout my life, I’ve always gone about things differently and I was never happy with “no” as an answer. I always wanted to do things better. If someone said do A, I would ask: “why not A and B and C?” I”ve always pushed the boundaries and found creative ways of making things happen...


Act Like a Startup – Telus Nurtures the Intrapreneurial Spirit

To keep its large telecommunications firm fresh and creative, Telus Corp. encourages its employees to treat the company like it’s their own, believing that intraprenuership can offer up great results.

In 2013, Shawn Mandel, vice-president of the company’s digital team, led the redesign of the company’s website...


Become Deliberate in What You Do in Order to Succeed

de·lib·er·ate > adjective >consciously and intentionally. > “a deliberate attempt to provoke conflict” > verb > engage in long and careful consideration.

I love the word, as an adjective and a verb. Any decision that you make in life – whether in your personal or professional life – should be with some amount of deliberation. I have spent my career in large corporations and innovation is something that companies struggle with; the problem is with maintaining their relevance in the marketplace...


Huffington Post - Various Articles

I have written several articles for the Huffington Post covering intrapreneurship, women in business, mental health, fitness, and more. Click the link below to view...



Chitra recently appeared on the Day One Leadership podcast to speak of Intrapreneurship and how to become your truest self. Listen using the link below:

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