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"Organizations are complex, there are a lot of policies and procedures, and people are used to behaving the same way—change is scary."
Kate Daley
Blaze Your Trail
"Anand reached out to Dickinson months ago to try and work together, when Dickinson mentioned that she was working on YouInc. “It was quite serendipitous,” said Anand."
Vanessa Milne
Arlene Dickinson's YouInc Partners with Microsoft
"Chitra Anand is a well-respected, successful female marketing expert who is helping change the way large organizations and brands do business."
Branding & Growing Your Business Online
"Chitra Anand, Microsoft Canada, explains Microsoft has launched a project to document the roles of prominent women in the company."
CTV News
CTV News Channel: International Women's Day
"An intrapreneur is someone who takes an entrepreneurial approach within a large organization,” says Chitra Anand."
Julie Carpenter
Chitra Anand - Keynote Speaker at Bold Fusion
"How can I take this information back and apply it with my team? Do I have what it takes to be an intrapreneur? The answer for everyone should be “YES!"
Michelle Kolenz
Pursuing Intrapreneurship
“We really wanted to tap into a new market,” Anand said of appealing to Deadmau5’s fans."
Russ Martin
Microsoft and Deadmau5 to Lure Influencers to Surface Launch
"Intrapreneurs are disruptive because they ask people within the company to do things differently. “People are not necessarily OK with that,” cautions Anand..."
Start Being an Intrapreneur at Your Company Today
“Spearheaded by Chitra Anand, head of PR, the art will also live on a microsite where the women’s stories are delved into a bit deeper."
Megan Hayes
Microsoft Tells Women's Stories
"With today’s corporate workplace still lacking in female representation at the top, Chitra Anand is a trendsetter indeed."
Anjum Nayyar
Chitra Anand: Re-writing Women’s Place in Technology
“There’s a movement around entrepreneurialism as it relates to Canada and really fueling economic activity and innovation."
Roger Belgrave
Microsoft Wants to Team Up With Entrepreneurs
"Microsoft has always been a very reliable, conservative brand. We want to take it to a different level now,” said Anand."
Russ Martin
Microsoft Canada Selects Veritas as PR Agency
“Anand said companies are moving away from just throwing great parties and instead looking at how to leverage events and sponsorships as tools."
Susan O'Neill
Potential Sponsors Looking for Customization, Integration, and R.O.I.
"If someone said do A, I would ask: “why not A and B and C?"
Chitra Anand
Seven Reasons Why You Should Hire Intrapreneurs
"International Women’s Day celebrates the achievements of women globally; what better way to mark the occasion than celebrating the incredible women who are making a difference with technology right here in Canada."
Alicia Androich
Microsoft Canada Shows International Women's Day Support
“The notion around intrapreneurship is taking an entrepreneurial approach from within an organization to drive creation."
Chitra Anand
Microsoft Exec: The Perfect Employee is 'Disruptive'