Chitra Anand is a writer,
coach & speaker.

Expert on Intrapreneurship, Innovation and Marketing

Chitra Anand is at the forefront of an important new movement in the workplace: intrapreneurship. Intrapreneurs are the people within your organization who possess an entrepreneurial spirit — driving innovation, creative thinking, and new ideas. The former head of PR for Microsoft Canada, Anand has been an intrapreneur for her entire career. Her engaging talks reveal how to foster that spirit, and how to stay on the cutting edge of market trends, technology, and consumer behaviour.

Lecture & speaking topics.

  • 10 Trends in Advertising & PR
  • 5 Major Impacts of Technology in Marketing
  • The Information Age & Consumer Behaviour Shifts
  • The New Brand
  • The Rise of the Intrapraneur
  • Building a Culture of Innovation


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Chitra recently appeared on the Day One Leadership podcast to speak of Intrapreneurship and how to become your truest self. Listen using the link below:

Chitra Anand - Intrapreneurship



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